Welcome to the California Association of Bioanalysts (CAB)

The California Association of Bioanalysts (CAB) is a non-profit corporation consisting of dedicated state licensed Bioanalysts and Laboratory professionals who are finding solutions to the ever-changing demands of the laboratory environment.

CAB has helped many members stay up-to-date with current regulations through monthly meetings and discussions. CAB has enriched its members professionally through its services by showcasing more effective and productive quality control programs, discussing and joining forces with CAB members to streamline laboratory procedures, and educating the general public about our services CAB can provide.

A national professional association whose members are clinical laboratory directors, owners, supervisors, managers, medical technologists, medical laboratory technicians, physician office laboratory technicians and phlebotomists. CAB has 4 Membership categories: Bioanalysts non directors, Bioanalyst Directors, Supervisors, and Associate Members (CLSs).

CAB is committed to the pursuit of excellence in clinical laboratory services by enhancing the professional skills of each of its members; promoting more efficient and productive operations; offering external quality control programs; collaborating with other professional associations and government agencies; promoting safe laboratory practices; and educating legislators, regulators, and the general public about clinical laboratory tests and procedure.


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